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Thursday, July 17, 2008

Summers in Stephens County- Part One

When I was a kid I spent part of my summer vacation in Stephens County where my grandparents lived. It was great fun and some of my fondest childhood memories. My grandpa was a preacher and they lived in the church parsonage next to the church. The church was brick with a cool basement and we could go in and out of the church to cool down from the summer heat. They were always in a revival so we were in church almost every night. After church we would go to the local drive-in for a soft ice cream. The Sonic hadn't made to this part of Oklahoma yet. Sitting outside on the car eating ice cream as the neon lights came on was great fun. You know how it looks when the Oklahoma sun is setting and neon just pops on? When we would get back to the parsonage we would to take a bath with Camey (the smell still reminds of that time) then we could stay up, watch the local news and Johnny Carson. My grandparents loved Johnny Carson. After Johnny we all prayed together usually trying not to laugh while my grandpa prayed. We would fall asleep in a big feather bed to sound of the oil rig plumbing, oh yeah there was an oil rig behind the church it is Stephens County. I can still hear it. More later.
How did you spend summer vacation when you were a kid?
Territory Mom

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