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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Amanda Barham Brashear

Since hearing from Dan Barham I have been busy digging up Barham family information. I went through the photos and found these photos. First, let me tell you a little bit about Ma's aunt Mandy. Her full name was Amanda S. Barham Brashear. She was a younger sister to John Jackson Barham. Her husband was Thomas L. "Tommy" Brashear (who is Ma's great uncle). I know what you're thinking.
Amanda is Ma's father, John's sister and Tommy Brashear is Ma's mother, Pearl Dunn's uncle. Remember Ma's mother's mother is Maggie Brashear. Note: I need some help from any English majors (by that I mean my sister) do I used past tense when talking about ancestors?
Anyway, Ma always said that her aunt Mandy had two sets of twins and one child from each set died. In all of the Brashear family history books and sites there is no record of her having twins. Probably because if one died then they would not have on any census records.
This is a list of Tommy & Amanda's children:
Burgess Earl Brashear b. 1914, d 1981
Lucille Brashear b. 1917, m. Jackson then Kell
Rev. Thomas Brashear Jr. b. 1919, d. 1985
Warren Brashear, b. 1921, d. 1987
Rev. Terrel Brashear, Sr. b. 1925, d. 1995
Geraldine Brashear, b. abt. 1928, still alive in 1992, m. Rhodes
Maxine Brashear, b. abt 1929, no other records, possibly died as an infant
Kermit Brashear, b. is unknown. He was alive in 1981 because he is listed in Burgess' obit.
Also, Tommy had a daughter, Violet, from his first marriage to Della Ennis, who had died when Violet was a toddler.

Here's Amanda with one set of her twins

This another photos that I think are the same twins just at a different angle. It appears that are laying in shag carpet which didn't exist then so it must be a hand hooked rug.

These photos are all postcards and what is great about the one above is that it has Amanda's handwriting on it. She writes: from: Burl & Tyrell. To. Aunt Pearl and Uncle John

Note: Tyrell must be Terrell b. 1925 and there is no record of Burl. Also, Amanda's father, Tom Barham was a photographer in Atkins, AR. That is probably why the one looks like he's spotted his grandpa.


Territory Mom


Use Your Resources said...

Happy Birthday Territory Mom! You're awesome! We love you, your sweet family and your incredible blog! Enjoy your day.. you deserve only the best.
P.S.-I think you should keep your tense in the past where it belongs!!

jenX67 said...

Nobody ever smiled in pics back then. How cool!!! What a priceless gem you have here. Those babies made her so happy. I hate those morose old photos. This was very cool!

Territory Mom said...

JenX67 - I know I love that she is smiling. You're right those babies made her happy.
Sis - Thank you. I love you too and your sweet family. Get back to blogging. You're a great writer. Thanks for the English lesson. You're an awesome teacher.