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Saturday, June 13, 2009

Voices of My Family

Can you still remember the voices of your relatives that have gone on to heaven? I can remember voices of my family very clearly. I can hear my great grandma calling my grandpa's name. I can hear my grandpa's prayers.
Each voice of my siblings is distinct:
The free spirit - Every time I hear her voice my mind begins to imagine the places she has seen, the stories she has told of her adventures. We are with her on her journeys.
The teacher - She is following God's will. She is a lioness when it comes to her children and her students. I wish I had had a teacher like her when I was child.
The humorist - He always find the humor in every situation. He keeps it real.
The father figure - He is the voice of reason. He calms you and tells you, "this is what you need to do."
I hope you stay calm today and listen to the greatest voice of all, God's.
Territory Mom


Anonymous said...

This is amazing, but, you forgot one.. The encourager-She's always willing to listen and help you realize you are braver and stronger than you realize. She's the encourager because she embodies courage. I love you and am so thankful to not only know you as an awesome friend but a wonderful sister.

Territory Mom said...

Thank you, thank you!!!!!