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Thursday, August 27, 2009

My 100th Post & Someone Else's Words

I knew my 100th post was coming soon. I was planning on a brilliantly written post about Maggie Brashear. My post requires more research and I can't seemed to find an old newspaper article from 1886. I'll find it and write about her soon, but in the meantime you must check out www.jenx67.com "Are you there God? its me, Generation X". Jen is an excellent writer who always knows the right words and will touch your heart.
This morning I read her post "8 things i learned from the most boring book in the Bible". It needs to be shared with all of you today.
We will get to the promised land, my friends and I want to be one of the 70 shoulders to carry your burdens.
Have a great day. Love, Territory Mom http://www.jenx67.com/2009/08/8-things-i-learned-from-most-boring.html


jenX said...

Thank you so much for linking to my post. It really means a lot. 2001 was a hard year for me. I was in the wilderness for a long time, actually. From late 1998 until 2003. I learned so much during those years. I don't miss them, but sometimes, I do miss the hours spent praying. Bless you. Those 70 shoulders, I've found, are always there for the asking.

Deborah Ann said...

Did you ever read someone's blog, and instantly feel a 'God' connection? A stirring in your heart? I feel that here.

You're invited to follow my blog at www.heavenlyhumor.blogspot.com

Laughter is good medicine!
(I'll be back...)