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Friday, December 18, 2009

A Heavenly Aroma

I hate to brag, but I will.  My house smells heavenly right now I just had to share with you.  Yesterday, I made a fresh apple pie for my husband's birthday.  I also made steak with onion cream sauce, so there's a hint of onion and garlic in the air.  Today, I'm keeping the wood stove going although it is not that cold outside but it will be when the sun starts going down.  Its a mixture of old pecan and elm wood.  My little girl made cookies out of store bought pie crust, her favorite thing to do (FYI - for Christmas all she needs is a bowl and flour).  Now, I have banana nut bread in the oven and a chicken boiling so I make chicken & dumplings.  Supper's at 6:00 p.m.

Love ya,
Territory Mom

P.S.  Let me know if you need any recipes.

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jenX said...

oh, i'd love to have your dumpling recipe. your blog looks better and better. i love the amazon link and the dancing snowman!