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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Oklahoma Forensic Artist, Harvey Pratt

Our hometown bank sponsers the business leaders club for high school seniors (I don't know the exact club name, but it's a mentorship program).  So, my mom calls yesterday to tell to mrwatch the news because the group had forsensic artist, Harvey Pratt there to talk to the kids about his career and a news crew was there to interview him.
You may have never heard Harvey Pratt, but chances are you have seen his work on the news.  He has been a forensic artist for over 40 years and is one of the top ones in the nation.  He has worked on a lot of high profile cases here in Oklahoma and nationwide.  In the 1980's he developed the soft tissue postmortem drawing method used when an unidentified body is found. 
Mr. Pratt is also an accomplished Native American artist.  He was born in El Reno and belongs to the Cheyenne & Arapaho Tribe.  To view more of work please visit his website.
Now to see the news interview and a glimpse of my mom and my niece (she is a senior) go here.
My mom is one sitting in the middle on the left side with short blonde hair and my niece is the first student they show, listening very intently.  Good girl.
Be courageous today.
Territory Mom 

P.S.  You can purchase Mr. Pratt's artwork from his website.  He designed the Oklahoma Centennial Pendleton Blanket and Frankoma plate.  (Mr. Pratt does not know me and I don't get anything from mentioning his artwork.  I just love art and Oklahoma artists)

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