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Thursday, May 20, 2010

Surviving The Storm

Photo from: Okemah NewsLeader

This is the tornado that past by our house last Monday, May 10th.  We were in the cellar for an hour then the weather got better so we went inside.  I started finish cooking supper when my husband said let's go back down.  So we did for only about 5 minutes.  That was the 5 minutes when the tornado rolled through.  It went on towards Okemah Lake.  For complete coverage here for the article from the Okemah NewsLeader.

This was less than a mile from our house.  I love the old house behind it.  Back in the day it was a home, hotel, cafe and store.  Its old but it survived.  While our county received damage it was nothing compared to other counties. 
The next day we went to access the damage mainly at my husband's cousins' old homeplace down by the lake.  Below are my photos:

The backroads to Okemah Lake

I was surprised how quickly the area was cleaned up.  I don't know why we have some great Okie volunteers.  Many people stopped by our house offering to help clean up.  I had a hard time explaining that we didn't receive any damage, but  the way are yard looks all the time.   They just shook their heads and went on.
Now to last night's storms.  Last I heard there were 16 tornadoes that touched down.  Total news coverage began about 3:30 pm so we were well prepared.   These storms went right past us.  There was a tornado at my hometown, Prague.  It has to be bad when my sister goes to her cellar.  It is so bad that she usually goes to my mom's but last night there was no time.  I hope she didn't have any bad dreams from the experience.  I think her cellar was built before statehood. 
Oh, I forgot Sunday's huge hail storm.  I'm sure you saw the coverage.  Amazing, so much hail it looked like snow drifts.  For move coverage on all the storms and photos check out these websites:

I hope you and yours were safe.  Have a great day.
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Jill of All Trades said...

Scary stuff. Hey our son-in-law is from Okemah...he is married to our daughter at sheezkrafty dot blogspot dot com.

Mom Mayhem says: said...

Glad everyone is ok there! Definitely been having some bad storms lately-We're ok too. But,yeah we took our precautions just in case.

Beth said...

So glad you were protected! The pictures and video of all the damage are just astonishing!