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Saturday, September 18, 2010

2 Events Today - Nuyaka Wine Fest & Seminole Nation Days

Nuyaka Bridge

Two events going on today I forgot to tell you about. 
Nuyaka Creek Winery is having its 10th annual wine festival today.  This winery is one of the oldest wineries in Oklahoma, which really isn't that old.  Nuyaka is a small Indian village located between the Deep Fork National Wildlife Refuge and Dripping Springs Lake.  This bridge is closed so you can only get to the winery from the Creek County side, here is the map.
The name "Nuyaka" comes from "New Yorker Town" a place in the Creek Nation in Alabama.  This is a very old and interesting part of Oklahoma worth the drive.

Also, going on this weekend is the Seminole Nation Days.  This event is held at Mekusukey Mission which is the original site of the 1900's boarding school.  It is located 2 miles south on Hwy 99 and 2 miles west on Hwy 59 of Seminole.  The group Los Lonely Boys and Indigenous are the featured entertainment.  Also, the incredibly talented Dana Tiger and Tiger Family will be showcasing their original art work, prints, and t-shirts.  Dana is the daughter of legendary artist, Jerome Tiger.  I'm planning to feature Dana on a future post.  The work she is doing to perserve her heritage is amazing.
Oh, also the Seminole Nation's current chief is former state senator, Enoch Kelly Haney.  I had a chance to shake his hand when he was running for governor.  He is a very gracious man and another incredible artist.

Have a great weekend.
Territory Mom


Oklahoma Granny said...

There were several different events in our area this weekend. Unfortunately we weren't able to attend any of them. Too busy with other things. But there are many more to come in the next few weeks.

Sylace said...

These things sound great. I love Oklahoma....