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Thursday, November 4, 2010

Who Was Gladys McConnell? - A Follow-Up to Trivia Contest

Gladys McConnell aka Gladys Morrow
Photo credit:  eagle-design.co.uk

In her answers to the Okie Trivia Contest #3, Mom Mayhem mentioned Gladys McConnell.  I had never heard of her so I went to researching.  I found out here that she was an actress and aviatrix.
She was born in Oklahoma City in 1905.  By 1920 her family was living in Portland, Oregan.  She became a pilot in 1924 and made her first movie in 1926.  Her film career was brief (4 years), but she made 24 films.  She often flew herself to movie locations.  Ms. McConnell was also a WAMPAS Baby Star like Rochelle Hudson and Joan Crawford.  She also went by the name Gladys Morrow.
She married a Hollywood attorney, A. Ronald Button and they had a daughter who is now a very successful California realtor.  Ms. McConnell died in 1979 and is buried here.

Now who is the actor pictured here with Kay Francis?
I know you know

Oh, yes, Van Heflin

He was born Emmett Evan Heflin, Jr. in 1910 in Walters, OK (CA Death Index list: 1908).  His father was a dentist.  He attended OU.  Best known for playing "Joe Starrett" in the 1953 classic, Shane
He starred with the following Oklahoma actresses:
Glenda Farrell in Johnny Edgar
Joan Crawford in Possessed
Kay Francis in The Feminine Touch, and
Jennifer Jones in Madame Bovary

Here is a list of his other movies.
Mr. Heflin was also a combat cameraman during WWII.
He died in 1971 of a heart attack.

Did you know that Van Heflin's sister was Erica Kane's mother?
  Frances Heflin born in 1920 in OKC was "Mona Kane" on  All My Children.
You learn something new everyday.

Have a great day.
Territory Mom 


Mom Mayhem says: said...

Interesting as always! I didn't know all that -But, the name intrigued me as she has the 1st name as my gma and last name of someone I know -and she died the year I was born.

Territory Mom said...

Mom, you were born in 1979? You are just a baby!!!!!