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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Windshield Oklahoma - New Neighbors

This is the back pasture.  You can barely see two figures at the top of the hill.
There they are!
Here comes the Welcome Wagon.  Hope they brought a basket of oats.

Our new neighbors, a mare and her filly.

No oats, I'm outta here.

Wait for me, mommy.

You girls are so pretty we are glad you are our new neighbors.  Oh, and so are these guys:

Shh, I hear (smell) something or someone.

It's girls!!!

Have a great day.
Territory Mom

1 comment:

Lost City Denise said...

Boys are sooo like that!

I heard a ruckus yesterday and stepped out the back door of my studio just in time to see a neighbors horse round the corner into the barnyard at a fast clip. Two of our dogs were in hot pursuit.