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Sunday, July 27, 2008

Family Traits

Have you ever where you got one of your traits? My grandpa, aka, the preacher, had very large hands. They were dark, wrinkled, thick and sometimes, firm. They looked liked an old leather baseball glove. This is a photo of his hands.

No one in our family has the same hands. I always wondered where he got his hands from until I found the man pictured below,

This is my great, great, great grandfather, that's 3 greats. His name was David Crockett Ramsey, Jr. His oldest daughter Malissa Ann Ramsey was my great great grandmother and her son was my grandfather's father. Got that? This photo was provided by another Ramsey descendant who graciously sent me a copy. More about the Ramsey clan later, its a long story. The hands on his shoulders belong to his daughters, which also belong to my mom and my sisters, long, lean and strong.
Happy Sunday,
Territory Mom

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