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Friday, August 22, 2008

No. 1 Sooner Fan

If you've been in my neck of the woods lately you have no doubt seen my neighbor, Bubba. He's been on his front porch sniffing the morning air. It looks strange I know seeing him in his OU boxers, no shirt, of course. He is smelling for the approaching football season. You know the smell. A breeze of cool air can hit you during the hottest part of the day or early in the morning. When it does hit you, its like hot dogs, popcorn, cokes, pigskin, screaming, marching band, cheerleaders and sweaty uniforms all in one whiff of air, yep, its smell likes football season.
Bubba is a good guy but he is only around for about 6 months of the year the rest is devoted to football. You will see him but he won't know you are around. He is consumed by Sooner football and he claims to be the No. 1 Sooner Fan. You can not out talk Bubba about OU football, don't even try. If you go to a game with Bubba plan on being the designated driver. Oh, Bubba doesn't drink he will just be too excited or too distraught to drive depending on the outcome of the game.
Bubba has 3 boys, Barry, Bobby and Boomer, all little league football players. After a sad incident last year during one of Barry's games Bubba is no longer allowed to coach little league, peewees, or girls volleyball (to be explained later). Anyway, Barry, the oldest is the quarterback, Bobby, running back and Boomer defensive lineman. It has been Bubba's dream to be the father of an entire football team. He also has a daughter, Sooner Fan, oh yes!!! She was to be named Ann Marie after both her grandmas then after a difficult delivery Bubba's wife was too sedated to realize it was time to fill out the birth certificate form. Bubba took full advantage and named that precious baby girl, Sooner Fan. He claims Fan was supposed to be Ann, someone down there at vital records made a mistake. Anyway, Sooner is only 4 but the way things are looking we think she will be the first female center for OU.
Go Big Red!!!!
Territory Mom

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