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Saturday, January 10, 2009

Before I blogged

There was a point a couple of years ago when my kids were really small that we only had one vehicle and my husband had to use it for work which left me alone all day with the kids. (that sentence is too long)See note. At the time I felt soooo deprived, but it prepared me for the tough economic times that were looming -- gas is too expensive for frivolous trips to Wal-Mart.
One thing I did to keep me in contact with adults was to answer the ads in the electric coop magazine. People put ads in looking for old recipes, quilt patterns, searching for family or friends. I'm guessing these are older people or people that don't have computers or down to one vehicle. I tried to see how many I could answer. It was a fun and it doesn't cost much to print off a recipe and mail it to someone. Then you get a very nice thank you note. I'll send the following information I found to the person who place the most recent ad, but I thought I would share it with you first:
In the recent issue of the coop magazine is a request for Poor Man's Pie recipe, which the writer states was made with "heavy cream". This is important because there are several versions of Poor Man's Pie. I found on Ohef.com a little history and a recipe:
"Poor Man's Pie or Milk Pie has a long heritage among the Amish, and appears to reach back to Holland and Germany before that. The name Poor Man's Pie is also associated with the same type of recipe, and was apparently a treat for those laboring in the Dust Bowl and during the Depression. We even found one recipe that uses water instead of milk — we'd call that Dirt Poor Man's Pie".
Dirt Poor Man's Pie is probably the version made by my people. Check out the website there is also a Milk Pie from South Africa and a Greek Milk Pie.
I'm going to make this today from a recipe I found on RecipeZaar. I'll let you know how it tastes.
http://www.ochef.com/1113.htm http://www.recipezaar.com/Poor-mans-Pie-53545 Have a great day, Territory Mom Note: I wasn't complete isolated we have a computer, telephone and satellite tv.

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