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Saturday, January 24, 2009

Happy Birthday Ida

This is Ida Leona Friels Baker and today is her birthday. She was born in Leon, Indian Territory in 1894. Today she would have been 115 years old. Her parents were James Harral Friels and Mary Florence "Flo" Webb. She had a half brother, Jim Friels from Texas. She also had another brother John Friels and 3 sisters, Ethel, Rosa and Elvie. She was raised at Loco, OK. She married David Jefferson Baker and they had 6 children, Ratliff City was their home. She was my great grandmother and we'll called her Mama Baker. Happy Birthday Ida.
Territory Mom


Use Your Resources said...

This is so cool! Where did you find this picture? I am so glad you are blogging. I learn so much. Thank you!!

Territory Mom said...

Thanks, it was in a box of old photos that someone (you know who) didn't want in her house. Love ya.