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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Triple D Visits Okie Land

We're at Wal-Mart last week and the book lady had just put this book out. I grabbed it up fast then had to find something for my daughter because if I get something she gets something, but for her it was along the lines of Sleeping Beauty.
After Discover Oklahoma this is my favorite show, Diners, Drive-Ins & Dives. My daughter won't watch it, but my son will watch it with me because he loves food as much as me. I long to have my own cafe just so Guy Fieri will visit me. Maybe his next show will be, "Mommy's Cafe, Home Cooked Food Made with Love". I could be on that show.
Anyway, I get home and check out the Oklahoma diners Guy visited and there are only two mentioned, Rock Cafe, Stroud and Leo's BBQ, OKC and they are only listed in the back of the book. I remembered that Guy had been to Clanton's in Vinita, but its not in the book. This has to be an over site and there must be a volume two in the works. This is what I know about these great Oklahoma cafes:
Rock Cafe - Located on Route 66 in Stroud. Dawn Welch is the proprietor and she was a huge hit with Guy. She was the inspiration for the character, Sally in Disney's Cars movie. During our last ice storm (Dec. 2007) Dawn's place had the only working grill and she cooked food for the whole town. Sadly, the Rock Cafe burned in May, 2008 and Dawn is rebuilding. I've got a link to her blog about the rebuilding. She is famous among Route 66 fans. Check her out.
Leo's BBQ - on Kelley Ave, OKC. I ate there for lunch one time and it was crazy wild. You had better know what you want and fast. The waitresses are on the move and they call you "babe" and "shug". I like this because it makes me feel young. Besides BBQ Leo's is known for its banana strawberry cake.
Clanton's Cafe - Another Route 66 place in Vinita, OK - Its family owned since 1927. Best known for its chicken fried steak. Great owners, real people persons. You can tell the town loves this place. Check out their website. http://www.clantonscafe.com
Too bad Pennington's in Tulsa is no longer open. It would be a great place for Guy to visit. I've made their black bottom pie a few times and while it taste good its not the same as eating it at Pennington's.
Have a great day and stay warm,
Territory Mom

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