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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

This is My Grandma

We call her "Ma" because when she became a grandma she felt she was too young to be called grandma. She is a complicated woman. She loves the Lord and can't wait to get to heaven to be with her husband, "the preacher". She still drives at age 87, a black Ford F150. She is concerned her truck maybe out of style.
Her parents were John Jackson Barham and Pearl Dunn. They moved to Oklahoma from Arkansas to be farmers. Ma is very proud that she was born in Comanche. She had 4 sisters and one baby brother. Her mother had a difficult childhood and the sadness from it may have carried over to her children. Ma doesn't talk about her childhood anymore, but when she did there was a sense of shame in her voice.
I always thought she was pretty.
Happy Grandma's Day,
Territory Mom


Pete&Linda3 said...

Hi, Loved your story on "Ma". Ma is one of the younger sister's of my grandmother Johnnie Delma Barham. My grandma Johnnie, had a son Ronnie Keith Fullen, who is my father.

Do you have any history on the Dunn side of the family? Our Grandmother's mothers full name is Nancy Pearl Emily Dunn.

Linda (Fullen) Bradford

Territory Mom said...

Hi Linda, I guess cousin. I don't have much info on the Dunns, they are a mystery. I have Charlie Dunn's death certificate, I will scan it and e-mail it to you this weekend. It does have his father as James Dunn, born in Texas. Check out my posts "Out feedin the Chickens" and "Looking for Emily". I started this to share the photos and family info I have so that everyone in the family has it. Thanks for contacting me.