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Saturday, February 14, 2009

Valentine's Day Present - Sissy, the Coon Hound

My wedding anniversary is less than a week before Valentine's Day so the events are combined. Last Saturday I called my husband on his way home from work. This is our conversation:
Husband: Hell - o Me: Did you get my diamond ring? Husband: Baby, I've been working' all day I didn't have time to go by the pawn shop. Me: Baby, baby, baby Husband: Well, I got a paycheck in my hand.
Me: Well, okay if you can't bring home a diamond ring then bring home a coon hound puppy. The kids have been watching "Where the Red Fern Grows" and they want a coon hound.
Husband: Call this number, I've had this paper in my truck for two weeks.
So, I hang up and call the number. The young man has one girl puppy left. We want her so we arrange to meet the next day. It is an 1 1/2 hour drive to get this puppy. We meet at a big chain store parking lot.
The young man graciously brought the father and one of the previous litter puppies. I see the truck with the dogs in the back so we start to get out of our vehicle.
I have my son and my husband has my daughter. As I'm walking my son to the young man's truck it happens.
A very lovely girl gets out of the passenger's side holding this adorable puppy and based on the look on my husband and son's faces it was as if she was walking in slow motion with her hair waving. I knew I had to complete the transaction. A voluptuous woman holding a coon hound is just too much for a couple of country boys.
Happy Valentine's Day, Territory Mom P.S. As we were walking back to our car my son asked, "is that girl coming home with us."

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