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Monday, March 2, 2009

Let the Gardening Begin

I'm a mail order gardener. I started getting these catalogs right after Christmas.

We picked out our garden spot for this year which is actually last year's spot. I've already order 20 poplar trees due to unexpected need for a wind break. I got those along with blueberries from 4 Season Nurseries. You get a lot of extras based on the amount of the order.

Last year I ordered from Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds after I saw an article in Mother Earth News. This place is located where my Baker ancestors come from in Missouri, the Ozarks, so it tweaked my interest. I'm so glad it did. I will order my gourd seeds, Cherokee tomatoes and sweet chocolate peppers from Baker Creek. They also have festivals throughout the year. The link is the rareseeds.com.

We will plant the usual Oklahoma crops, lettuce, squash, cucumbers and watermelons. This year we are going to order huckleberries and elderberries. According to the garden catalog if you have a cold put two elderberries in your tea it will be gone in eight hours. It might work. It reminds me of Dr. Daisy Moses's secret tonic, drink it and in 5 to 7 days your cold will be gone.

You have to careful when gardening by mail because plants are mailed to you based on your zone so be prepared to plant as soon as the UPS truck arrives.

Happy planting,

Territory Mom

Note: Dr. Daisy Moses aka Granny from The Beverly Hillibillies





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