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Thursday, March 5, 2009

Sister Lyles was 44

When we would go to my grandparents for the summers I always looked forward to seeing the Lyles twins. They were teenage girls and full of life. I always thought their mother was their grandma.
I remember my grandma telling me, "Sister Lyles was 44 when she had them, they're change of life babies." What?
I never understood that phrase, "Change of life". We go through so many changes; preteen, graduation, marriage, divorce, babies, marriage, losing someone special, horrible diagnosis, living with the horrible diagnosis, grandbabies, will I lose my house?, surviving.
I'm closing in on my 44th birthday and I've been thinking about Sister Lyles. She took over the family farm after her husband died. She seemed like a strong woman to me with two teenage girls running around. I remember she came to pick up her girls after church one night during revival. I couldn't understand why she missed church and of course I asked one of the twins. She told me the corn was ready. I understand now that I'm a farmgirl.
One other thing I always remember that the Lyle twins were always happy, confident and just plain fun to be around. This makes me hopeful for my own kids since they are, as my MIL puts it "late in life babies".
Have a great day,
Territory Mom

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