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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

They Lived In a Tent Down By The River

The John Henry Teem family, l to r: Ellis, Peter, John Henry, Minnie, Rosa Bell and Jewell. Three Two more children later, Steve, Anna and Calvin.  (Oldest daughter, Becky is not pictured)
These are my husband's people (my husband refers to his family as "his people", this is a common Okie phrase). My husband's grandma was Minnie, that pretty little girl with a frown. Of course she was living in a tent down by the river. Minnie always told my husband that he looked like her people and he does.
They crossed the Winding Stairs Mountains to Oklahoma. They lived in an area in Oklahoma which is now Eufaula Lake.
John Henry Teem was from Georgia. The original name was Diehm or Thieme. This family emigrated from Germany to Pennsylvania before 1750.
Rosa Bell was from Arkansas. She kept a secret her entire life. Her true identity was revealed after her death. I'll tell you the story tomorrow.
Happy Grandma's Day,
Territory Mom


John C Guinn said...

I believe that was my great great grandmother Rosa Bell. My great grandmother was Minnie... I never knew too much on that side of the family so thanks for sharing.. Where did you get those photos if I might ask.


Territory Mom said...

John, thanks for contacting me. I hope you get my response. Any photos of my husband's family I have obtained from my inlaws. They are copies of copies. No one seems to know where the originals are but at least we have something.