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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Who was Rosa Bell? - Part Two

Why would Rosa Bell name her daughter such an unusual name, Minnie Ozine?

I searched the Internet for "Ozine". I thought it might be a surname, nothing. Then I tried McChristian. No one in the family knew if McChristian was Rosa Bell's mother's name or her father's name. Oh, the magic of the Internet. On the message board on Genealogy.com I searched "McChristian". I submitted my question to a lady with the most queries. I told her I was looking for Rosa Bell Withers or McChristian who named her daughter Minnie Ozine. With less than twenty messages it didn't take long to get an answer. After generations of this family wondering who Rosa Bell was the answer came less than 24 hours later.

This is the response I received:
Rosa Bell is a McChristian. She is the daughter of Eliza Jane Isabell McChristian, who never married. Rosa Bell's daughter Minnie Ozine is named after Rosa Bell's aunt Polly Ozine McChristian Massey. The family was from Madison County Arkansas. Eliza's parents and Rosa Bell's grandparents were Robert Monroe McChristian and Rachel Parker (unsure as of this date if she is related to Judge Isaac Parker).
The sadness begins for this family:
Robert "Monroe" McChristian enrolled on February 22, 1863 at Fayetteville Arkansas, as a private, in company B, Regular Volunteers of the First Arkansas Infantry of the Union Army, to serve for three years. He was mustered in on February 23, 1863. On the same day he got leave for a few days for the purpose of seeing to the necessities of his family. It was a 10 to 12 day leave. On February 27, 1863, while Monroe was at home a group of rebels surrounded his house. He was able to grab his rifle but a rebel came up to the window and shot him. The next day his wife was so distraught she went into premature labor and died giving birth to, Polly Ozine.
Rosa Bell's mother, Eliza was left to care for the children. Eventually, the children were divided up and taken in by various family members. When Rosa Bell was 7 she and her mother were living with Eliza's uncle, Green Parker.
Now the mystery of Rosa Bell is solved. I don't think we will ever find out about her father, but you never know.
The name McChristian is definitely Irish. So now my kids can wear buttons that say "Kiss Me I'm Irish on Both Sides". (My Irishness comes from my Friels' side.)
Happy St. Pat's Day and Grandma's Day,
Territory Mom

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