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Friday, April 10, 2009

Mama & Papa Baker's House is No More

Hundreds of homes in Oklahoma were lost last night to a raging wild fire.
Mama & Papa Baker lived in Ratliff City, OK. Last night their old house burned down. My cousin was living in the house. Her family is okay but they lost everything. There was a line of house together and a big junk yard that was a play yard to us. My uncle lived in one house and cousins lived in another. All of these homes are gone now.

This is Papa Baker in the old kitchen. He had a sweet face.

A typical farm kitchen with a milk can on the counter,

a big jug of tea and jar for drinking the tea.

I like the old mirror on the wall.

When we would visit my grandparents in Velma we would go to see Mama & Papa Baker everyday. They are my great grandparents. Their home held so many memories.

Mama Baker was a big woman and she would sit in one of the dining chairs in the middle of the room and we would sit on the couch. She had one of those gold lamps that hung from the ceiling. The one with the statute of lady in the middle and oil would flow all around her. Mama Baker was always turning up her hearing aid. I can still hear her say, Maaarrie!

When my grandparents would leave us at her house my cousin, Cheryl would watch us. I can still see her cooking in kitchen. She is the best cook ever. You never tasted chocolate chip cookies like hers.

Hope you were safe last night.


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