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Monday, April 6, 2009

Snow & Living in the Country

My backyard - March 28, 2009
This past weekend we had pretty good weather, a little chilly but good. Last weekend, it snowed and snowed.
It started snowing about noon on Saturday, March 28th. It came down fast and hard. As soon as it begins snowing I know what is coming, power outage. Yep by 1:30 pm no power. We have a wood burning stove so we are okay as far as heat. We are on rural water so we can still use the bathroom, thank heavens. If you have those two things you should be okay.
I called our rural electric company and was told there were about 300 to 400 homes in our area without power. This could take awhile.
Anticipating the snow and future power outage I started the beans the night before. What next? Cook some more of course.

This is cornbread and a cherry dump cake cooking on top of the wood burning stove. When we bought the stove I made sure it had a cook top for occasions like winter snow storms. You have to really watch your food because it can burn quickly. The cornbread turned out okay except for about a 1/4" burnt crust on the bottom. The dump cake was delicious.

After about 8 hours I knew our electric wasn't going to come back on so I put the perishables (milk, ice cream, cheese and meat) in a container and put in on something high on the porch. It had a secure lid of course to keep the bears out. The essentials lasted all night but by noon on Sunday it was 60 degrees and the yard was a big muddy slushy, which was great for kids not for saving food. The power came back about 7:00 pm Sunday and we were back in busy.
I don't mind the occasional power outage it makes me feel like a real frontier woman.
Territory Mom
P.S. Here's some on our animals, Fred and Echo. That's Baby Bull in the back. More about that bottle fed baby later.

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