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Sunday, April 12, 2009

You Don't Want to Hear This on Easter Morning

1. We missed the sunrise service! 2. It snowed last night! 3. It rained last night! 4. All my panty hose have runners! 5. My Easter shoes don't fit! 6. I'm not wearing that dress! 7. If I have to wear dress pants I'll pee in them! (a boy who will only wear Wranglers) 8. Watch your step the horses were on the porch last night!
9. The baby found the chocolate bunnies and now her dress is chocolate and pink!
10. I think I'm in labor!
11. The camera won't work!
12. Sister Smith is wearing the same dress as yours! 13. Oh no, the in-laws! Happy Easter! Love, Territory Mom

1 comment:

arkiedan said...

We just got back from Easter Service and then a nice lunch out. I then checked your blog and have been laughing for the last several minutes.

Love your humor! Dan Barham (arkiedan)