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Friday, July 24, 2009

Royalty Or Just Peasants and Thieves

Have you ever heard someone say "we found out we come from royalty". Well, when you discuss with someone family research they always say that. After researching my family history all I found was peasants and thieves, no royalty.
So, I started researching my husband's side and found that yes, he is a descendant of English royalty(everyone is, you know). I've been working on a post for a couple of weeks now about this royalty connection. It has taken a couple of weeks because I was trying to get permission to use a photo from the photographer in Wales. It is a photo of the beautiful castle that my husband's and children's ancestors built.
The photographer graciously granted permission to use his photo. Thank you dear sir.
I continued my research and found that the founder of this dynasty did not leave a male heir and so the castle went to a sister. Then I find out that there were many cousins went left Wales in a hurry and came to America. You know what that means, yes criminal activity. Therefore, I have decided not the post about my children's royalty until I have further knowledge. This could take some time. Until then, Iechyd dda. That means,' good health' in Welsh. I learned that from my new Welsh photographer friend.
Love, Territory Mom

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