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Friday, August 7, 2009

Oklahoma To Me . . . first verse

Oklahoma celebrated it's centennial in 2007. I was trying to jump on the bandwagon of the events surrounding the celebration. A quilt shop owner and writer featured a quilt contest. You had to make a quilt square depicting what Oklahoma meant to you. Part of the contest was to submit a story about your quilt. I worked on my quilt square, but I did not get it finished. I will show it too sometime. I have to finish it first. I love it, it is awesome. (I never say "awesome") Anyway, I wrote a poem about what Oklahoma means to me and I will share a verse with you each Friday then you tell me what Oklahoma means to you. Hopefully I have the quilt square done by the end of my poem. Enjoy . . .
Oklahoma to Me is . . .
falling asleep to the sound of the oil pump while
sleeping in your grandma’s feather bed.
Love, Territory Mom


Anonymous said...

I love this first verse. Looking forward to the rest of this beautiful poem.

jenX said...

Your new look is great. I really like it. It works so nicely with your theme.