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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

This Colt is Coming

Herman Paddock with nephews, C.H. & David Dunn
cir 1930's
This is one of my favorite photos from my grandma's old picture box. On the back of the photo is written;
"this is Maw's pasture this colt is coming"
This is definitely western Oklahoma, not a tree in sight. To me is seems haunting. You can almost hear the Oklahoma wind.
Herman Paddock was married to my grandma's aunt Ruth. They did not have any children and helped raise Ruth's younger brother, Roscoe Dunn's children after his first wife, Esther died. They lived in New Mexico and Texas, but returned to Ryan, Oklahoma. Herman and Ruth are buried in the Ryan Cemetery next to Ruth's father, Charles Henry Dunn.
Roscoe's children from his first wife lived in Texas. My grandma said there were rodeo people.
Have a great day.
Territory Mom


Jim Smith said...

What a great photo and the context to make it come alive. So many photos die with the generation that took them. This is one of those that still stirs something in us that follow. Great share!

Territory Mom said...

Thanks Jim!