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Monday, October 12, 2009

Death & Birth Notices - Oklahoma Style

As you know I live in the middle of Creek Nation in Oklahoma. That is Creek Indian. I used to live in the Sac & Fox Nation. I'm not far from the Choctaw Nation, Shawnee, Pottatomi and Seminole Nations. I am far from the Osage, Ponatoc, Pawnee, Ponca, Miami, Iowa, Delaware and Cherokee Nations. I'm going somewhere with this.
When reading an announcement regarding an Indian in Oklahoma newspapers you find out some interesting facts. An obituary will not only list the tribal name that a person was born into, but also the clan, such as Bear, Turtle or Eagle. It will also list the person's true Indian name. In the obit it is phrased, "her Indian name was _______".
This is true for birth notices too and if both parents are Indian it makes for a very long birth announcement. I love to read about which clans the new little person belongs.
Oh, did I tell my husband speaks Creek. He was the only white kid in his elementary school class.
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Territory Mom

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