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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Sonic Drive In Founder, Troy Smith Died

Sonic founder, Troy Smith died at the age of 87. The memorial service will be at 2:00 pm, Friday at the First Christian Church in Edmond, OK.
I never met Troy Smith, but my step dad knew him and from what I understand he was a giving man. He was loved by many. How could you not love a man who came up with Sonic, America's Drive-In.
When a new Sonic opened in Shawnee it was number 3,000 and something. I told my step dad about it and he said, "oh, yeah they're up to 3,000 and something, then he said I had #3 and #13, WHAT?
I love to hear the stories about Sonic. Friends got together to help expand Sonic restaurants to every little town in Oklahoma and beyond. Thankfully they did and we had a place to turn around when we dragged Main. In some towns it was the only place with the lights still on after 7:00 pm.
One time in when I was in high school. A guy I went to school with put on a motorcycle helmet and ordered a ton of food then when the car hop brought the food out he grabbed the tray and ran. I think he was in just his underwear but that story maybe exaggerated over the years.
My kids have never been to McDonald's but they've been to Sonic. They both have to have a Sonic root beer every time we go.
Anyway you can read more about Troy Smith at the links I have below. He was a very interesting man. No doubt he is discussed in business schools across America. He came from such humble beginnings to become the Sonic man. Also, I have a link to the Troy & Dollie Smith Wellness Center at Integris, what a giving man.
from the AP
Thanks Mr. Smith for giving us a place to go while we were high school. We love you.
Territory Mom

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