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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Happy Birthday, Maggie!!!

Susan Margaret "Maggie" Brashear was born on this day, November 17th in 1869 to Walter W. Brashear and Nancy W. Brewer, in Pope County, Arkansas. She had two half sisters from her father's first marriage to Mary Rackley. They were, Sarah M. Brashear who married Wiley Duvall and Amanda Melvina Brashear who married Henderson Pigg. She had six other sisters; Mary Elizabeth "Bettie" Brashear, married A.C. Bowden, Victoria, married Sinclair Perry, Martha Lou, married R. Hannibal Vaughn, Ursula Evelyn, married William J. Chronister, Lillian, who never married, she died at the age of 18, and Mamie H., married Elton Lewellen(he died tragically, not far from where I live now) then she married Ralph Vassaur. Maggie also had seven brothers, Mortimer M., died at age 3, Lincoln, died at age 2, Adam C., married Joanna Burris, Howell, died at birth, Burgess Ford Brashear, (a mystery, left home and moved to Canada before 1900), Rev. David Warren , married 1st Ruth Beesley and 2nd Sarah Johnson, Rev. Thomas L. "Tommy", married 1st Della Ennis and 2nd, Amanda "Mandy" Barham Maggie married Charles Henry "Charlie" Dunn on September 26, 1886. They had nine children; Maudie Velma, married Weldon Wright, Chester, died at birth, Nancy Pearl Emily, married John Jackson Barham, Ruth, married Herman Paddock, Mamie F., married Charles H. Barnett, Homer, married Ruth Jackson, Roscoe Blaine, married 1st, Esther Jackson and 2nd, Theola ________ Burgess, (I can't remember his wife's name, sorry), and Charles, Jr., died at 5 months of age
Kinder Cemetery
Maggie died from pneumonia on Feb. 27, 1905, two weeks after Charles, Jr. was born. She was only 34 years old. She is buried in Kinder Cemetery, located on Pope Mountain, Pope County, AR.
This is her grave, She is buried with her sons, Chester and Charles, Jr. The grave behind hers is her parents.
Happy Birthday, Maggie
Territory Mom


Anonymous said...

This is an awesome read. I have forwarded it to my Dunn relatives on Facebook.
Thank you so much for your hard work and thorough research.
P.S. Additional information for you as per Margaret Dunn Garrett:
(1) Burgess' wife name was Liola
(2) Roscoe's 2nd wife was Theola E. Warden
(3) Ruth's middle name was Evelyn
(4) Homer's middle name was Howell

Jimmy said...

Thank you for a wonderful post. It is always rewarding to read about family ancestry. Maggie was my great-grandmother. My mother, Margaret Evelyn Dunn, was her namesake.