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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

I Don't Remember Her Name

This is long, sorry.
I don't remember her name but she was following my kids and I around Homeland (name of our local store) one day. I could feel her eyes on me so I turned around and smiled at her. She needed a smile. She looked so lost.
So we checked out and I got my kids buckled in the car and started unloading my groceries. ( I always prefer to carry my groceries myself, I'm a rebel that way). She followed me out and sat on the bench in front of the car which I happened to be parked in front of the bench that day. (Nothing just happens, hallelujah!!!) Just like Beth Moore says, God is so bossy. He said give her your drink, What, I said give her my 44 oz diet Dr. Pepper, do you know how much house work needs to be done? I need my 44 oz diet Dr. Pepper (from the Sonic by the way). He said, give it to her. Okay, okay.
I got my drink out of my cup holder and took it to her. I told her, "you look like you are thirsty here's my drink from the Sonic, its a diet Dr. Pepper, (hoping she wouldn't take it) She said, that's okay. She said thank you. I said I drank from it already, is that okay? (hoping she wouldn't take it) and she said, Yes. (well, if you have ever had a drink from the Sonic you know that it doesn't matter who drank from it, take it. The ice alone is worth the germs).
I asked what she was doing there. She said she lived in Sapulpa (about an hour away) she and her boyfriend came down a couple of days ago to visit friends. He went to get cigarettes and left her there, he'd been gone a couple of hours. She said she didn't like his friends.
Now, I'm not the smartest person in Oklahoma, but I do know that Homeland sells cigarettes.
I looked back at my kids and they had that look, "what is she doing now" (the same look I used to give my Mom). Then He said it, "give her the $20 in your pocket, (I never have cash in my pocket, except this day, of course). I didn't hesitate because I knew it wouldn't help. So I gave her my money and told her to go get something to eat. She said she would and said, thank you.
Then I told her, "I'm going to take my groceries home and come back if you are still here I'm going to take you home." She said, "okay".
We pulled out of the parking lot and waved to her. I thought, this is weird but she doesn't like her boyfriend's friends so she could be in danger. I remembered I had to pay the water bill. Me and kids went to the water dept. I asked the girl at the water dept. what happens in town if someone needs help. She didn't understand so I explained the story. She called the local mental health facility and they knew who I was dealing with and said not to worry about her. The girl at the water dept told that it was nice what I did for that girl and I told her that if she had seen the look on her face she would have done the same thing. I should have said, my Jesus is so bossy I had no choice.
We went home. I unloaded the kids and the groceries. We took a bathroom break, filled up the sippy cups and headed back to town. (When you live in Oklahoma "town" is the closest place with a grocery store). We went to Homeland and, of course she wasn't sitting on the bench in front, so we stopped and went inside and we couldn't find her.
We went to mental health facility and I told them what happened, the lady said not to worry they knew her and she is probably at home so we went back home.
I knew I was conned, but did it matter? At least she had an extra $20 and if her boyfriend told her to find a way to get some money she was successful and wouldn't be hurt that day. I was successful too that day, because I listened to the voice of God.
Have a great day and listen.
Territory Mom


Dan Barham said...

Hi territorymom,

Great story! I think the measure of a good Christian is helping others when you know you're being conned. Sadly, I'm not there yet but I'm trying.

I've been adrift for the past many months but I'm trying to get back on solid ground. Remembering and visiting your sites helped.

Take care!


jenX said...

this is just amazing to me, because i don't think we must be tender to receive - to hear God's voice and not question the logic. He is all knowing. How wonderful that you led him lead you and were not distracted by what most of the world would have so easily turned from. Trickster or not, I know she saw the light in you. He shines undeniable.