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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

What Do I Have In Common With Mark Gastineau?

My home page is Google and on it are celebrity updates from  People Magazine.  Today I clicked it on to read about Mark Gastineau's kids meeting for the first.  I've been living in the dark ages I didn't know that his ex-wife and daughter have a show together.  I knew he had kids with Bridgette Nielson.  Well, it turns out he only had a son with Bridgette and he has never met him, only celebrities.  Anyway the kids have met, yeah!!!
I know Mark Gastineau because he played football at Ada, you know, for the Tigers.  When you're from Oklahoma all you have to say is "Ada" and everyone knows you are talking about East Central University.  Turns out  Gastineau was also a big time pro player for the Jets, wow!!!
Oh, I forgot, what I have in common with Mark?  We were both born in Ardmore, OK, baby!!!!
Also, I added three columns to my blog and in the process lost my blog links.  I'm working on getting everyone back on it.  Sorry.

Have a great day.
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