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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

In The Box A Gift From God

You can imagine the joy my kids and I were feeling while opening this package full of greatness.
I won the giveaway from fellow blogger Oklahoma Smalltown Girl for my response to

It was an honor to receive her carefully selected gifts.  I have been devouring each item.
In Max Lucado's International Study Bible he states, "the Bible is God's map for us to get home".
How perfect.

One of my favorite quotes in the "Quotes from Great Woman" is,
"People see God every day; they just
don't recognize him."
Pearl Bailey

This reminds me of this post.

Thank you Oklahoma Smalltown Girl you are truly a blessing.

Have a great day everyone.
Territory Mom 

1 comment:

Oklahoma Girl said...

I am so glad you are enjoying the care package. Max Lucado is such a wonderful writer, & one of my favorites.

Hugs to all in your wonderful little family. Rooster & Redbird certainly picked the right Mama for their Journey in this world!

~~blessed be...