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Friday, February 12, 2010

The Spirit of Woody Guthrie

Portrait by Robert Shetterly

The closest "big town" to me is Okemah, which is the hometown of Woody Guthrie.  He is everywhere in this town.  His name is on the water tower, the main road from the interstate, there is a statute of him in the children's park with a plague, and more than one mural of his image in the alleys*.  His spirit comes to life when his kids and grandkids come to town once a year for WoodyFest but his spirit really alive in Okemah year round. 
I was visiting a fellow blogger, Lost City Denise and she had posted a YouTube video of a local musician, John Fullbright.  Listening to this young man made me realize that the musical talent from Okemah and Oklahoma is underrated.
Here is John performing one of his original songs.
 He's that kid that grew up across the road from MeMaw's house.

You just don't realize the when you come in contact with someone that they maybe hiding their God given talent.  This is especially true in my area.  People keep their talents hid.  I'm not kidding you won't believe the unknown artists that are hiding in the woods around here. They are not criminals, just shy.
This young lady is not hiding, She is Jamie Coon.  Haven't heard of her?  Well, you have probably heard her singing in the background of one of your favorite TV shows or movies.  Check out her website and be sure to click the "listen" button. You will love her voice.   One of her relatives, Mrs. Coon always speaks to my son and he loves her.

When the weather is nice and it will be again you can hear some local artists (the ones who are willing to leave the woods) singing at the Grape Ranch.
Have a great day and enjoy the music.
Territory Mom
*The alleys I mentioned face a park and a street.


♥Georgie♥ said...

this was a lovely post! This summer for our vacation I really want to 'explore' Oklahoma maybe a route 66 trip. Oklahoma has so much History i feel I am cheating my children if we don't show them what our great State has to offer

Lost City Denise said...

Wow - thanks for the heads up on Jamie! You're right there is incredible talent in this state, whether it be folk, blues, country, rock, reggae or jazz!

I'd never heard of Native Radio and will check it out too and send a link to my daughter as well. She's taking an interesting class this semester on Native American Art.

Territory Mom said...

Thanks you guys for your wonderful comments!!!