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Monday, March 15, 2010

A Little Eery But A Great Source

If you are wanting to start searching for your family roots one of the best ways to start is searching cemeteries.  Sometimes the information from a tombstone is your only source.
You don't have to go to any haunted cemeteries to find your ancestors just check out Find A Grave.
The website was created by Jim Tipton in 1995 because he could not find a site that catered to his hobby of visiting graves of famous people.  Lucky for us who are not famous.  Thousands of volunteers submit obits, photos and family histories to the site.  All you have to do is submit a search with your family name.  If it is a common name include the name of the state where you think your ancestor is buried.

These are some relatives I found, my great grandparents.  The above photo is when they were young and lived in the woods in Briartown, aka Younger's Bend, Oklahoma.
This photo is on their grave marker.  The volunteer who submitted the photo did a great job.
  I like that you can see where the porcelain is chipped, it adds to the authenticity.

I have never seen these photos so I am happy to finally put a face to the names.
I looked up my husband's family and found this photo of one of his relatives:

Laura, isn't she cute or wasn't she cute.

Before you set out on a wild goose chase (I have been on many) go to Find a Grave first.   It will save you  time, gas money, miles on your car, chigger bites, poison ivy and most important you don't have to stop and ask directions.
Have a great day.
Territory Mom

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