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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Stag Hound For Free And A Goat To Spite

My husband checks craigslist almost everyday.  He only looks in the "farm&garden" section.  This is what he found last night and I had to share it with you.  I promise I did not post this ad. Have a great day.
Long story short; I have a cat killing stag hound female about 2 years old free to a good home. She is very gamey and needs a home preferably with a varmit hunter. She doesnt seem to mind chickens(although i wouldnt trust her 100% with chickens), but will hunt down any cat, rabbit, goat, mouse, turtle........(.you get the picture) that she can get her mouth on......... she must go immediately before my husband gets home.She IS a HUNTING dog! NOT a family pet, so if you are some bleeding heart who wants to save her make sure you do not have any smaller animals such as toy breeds cats rabbits..... pretty much anything smaller than her she WILL get them. She attacked the family cat last night and i have already told him that she MUST go. My plan was to uthanize her last night but after sleeping on the situation I have decided that she is a good dog for somone who has a job for her, but not the dog for us. Since my husband also had a chance to also sleep on the situation he has now out of spite decided that my goat must go if the dog does. He has told me when I shoot the dog that i need to shoot the goat too because he feels the goat will eventually start jumping on vehicles....... call me a softy, but i cant justify uthanizing a goat for a "thought crime". The goat is a black and white billy goat about 60 pounds,he is leash trained and makes a great lawnmower. He is very sweet for a billy and is a little over a year old. Call me if you are interested in either the goat or the dog  Either way they must both be gone ASAP! My husband already thinks the deed is done..... this is my stand! I told him this was going to happen and when it did she was gone...... but since i am his wife i guess that means i am the dumbest thing that god has ever strung guts thru! Maybe next time he will listen (doubtful)!!
Territory Mom

P.S.  Last summer when our goats were on the brink of a disasterious ending I quickly called the "preacher lady" aka "Sister Ruby".  I told her if she wanted the rest of the goats they were free just come get them "NOW" and she did.

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this is tooo funny
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