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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Old School Photo?

My great grandma Nancy Pearl Emily Dunn Barham on the left

My grandma gave this picture to my mom a few years ago.  At the time she told us who the other people in the photo were, but we can not remember.  I thought at first it might be one of my grandma's sister and her beau, but I'm not sure.  The woman on the right could be the school teacher with another student.  She is wearing a wedding ring and it looks like they are looking at school books.
It was definitely taken in Arkansas because my great grandma was already married with one child when she moved to Oklahoma.
Old photos are kind of creepy.  Look at the boy or man under the building to the left.  Creepy. 
Let me know what you think.
Territory Mom

P.S.   This was my first post about my great grandma.


Use Your Resources said...

Thank you for the post! I can't believe that I've looked at this picture many times and shared it with others yet I never noticed the creepy guy under the schoolhouse. I'll never look at this picture in the same way again. I love you and I hope you are having a good day. You are awesome!!

Traci @ The Bakery said...

OMGOSH!!! THAT IS CREEPY!!! LOL...must. show. to. my. children.

Have a great day...while I go have nightmares now...ewwww, think of the spiders that must have been under there with him....ewwwwww.

Oklahoma Girl said...

I love old photos! Have many of my family, but must admit the "lurker" is quite creepy. Must have been eaves dropping.

It is so cool that you know so much about your family's history. I am still trying to trace down my dad's side. Getting closer with each search. Also, am going to have an Ancesterial DNA test done. It will give me my exact racial breakdown & the part of the world I come from. Should be really interesting. I will post on it when I get it all completed.

Have a beautifully blessed Easter!!

~~blessed be...

Ever Blessed said...

I was just thinking, "I kinda like old photos," when I got to the part "Old photos are kind of creepy." lol Looks like someone was up to no good!