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Friday, April 2, 2010

Oklahoma To Me . . . 13th Verse

Oklahoma to me . . .
is the pride you feel when you hear another Miss Oklahoma
has been crowned Miss America
I don't care who you are that feels good

Territory Mom

Norma Smallwood -1926
Jane Jayroe - 1967
Susan Powell - 1981
Shawntel Smith - 1996
Jennifer Berry - 2006
   pictured above crowning
Lauren Nelson - 2007

Miss America Trivia:
According to Miss America Norma Smallwood was the first Native American (Cherokee) to be in the pageant therefore the first Native American crowned Miss America.
According to other sources Ada Martyne Woods (Choctaw) was the first declared Native American to compete in 1940.
Anita Bryant was not Miss America. She was the 2nd runner up in 1958.
The crown title is named for the following year.  This year the when Miss America is named in the Fall, 2010, she will become Miss America 2011.

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