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Friday, April 30, 2010

Prague Kolache Festival & New Dominion Dayz

Vitame Vas Do Praha - Welcome to Prague!
Tomorrow, May 1st,  is Prague's Kolache Festival.  Who doesn't love dancing kolaches?  Its a Czech pastry in case you are wondering, very good.  I'll make some tomorrow and mine are pretty darn good.  Anyway, the parade starts around 10:00 am. which is huge.  The Prague Museum will be open, located on Jim Thorpe Blvd.  Prague is also the birthplace of Jim ThorpeCzech it out!!!

Now today is New Dominion Dayz, sorry I didn't get my post up sooner.  It is always the Friday before the Kolache Festival.  New Dominion Dayz is at the Prague Middle School grounds.  Lots of great food, games and great prizes.  Prague is also known for its Czech oil families so this event is free, sponsored by New Dominion.

Have a great weekend.
Territory Mom

P.S.  It's raining right now and probably will tomorrow so wear some rain gear.  The festival is fun rain or shine.

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Nadine Hightower said...

I love small town festivals. But haven't been to very many. I've been to Stratford's Peach Festival. I love peaches and those are huge peaches!! Oologah Old Timers Day, G&G were "king and queen" of the parade one year. I have always wanted to go to Stilwell to the Strawberry festival. Just never have.