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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

We Called Him, Bake

Harold Jeff Baker
April 2, 1918 - April 20, 1998

This was my grandpa aka "the preacher".  He was the patriarch of our family.  We called him "Bake".  My nephew was due to be born in April, 1998.  As Bake lay in his hospital bed he said that he wanted to see my nephew.  My sister had already named him so Bake called him by his name.  My nephew didn't arrive until May, but  I think they did meet each other on their journeys home. 

Territory Mom

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Oklahoma Girl said...

I am sure they did meet as their Spirits passed, both heading Home to a new Adventure. Bake looks over you every day, because you remember & he lives in the love of your heart.

~~blessed be...