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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Let's Take The Vega

Photo:  AutoInfoNews

During our summers in Velma with my grandparents it would sometimes get a little boring.  It was always so hot.  My uncle drove a green Vega I think it was a 1973.  It did not look like the above photo.  Anyway it was a cool car at least to little girls.  
One day after my grandma had colored her hair (black, black) we were outside sitting on the porch and my grandma was crunching on some ice when we saw the big cloud of smoke in the air.  We walked around looking at the big cloud of smoke trying to figure out where it was coming from.  Well, my grandma was, not us.  She said, "let's take the Vega and find out where the fire is".  Now, if you are from a small town and there is smoke in the air everyone, I mean everyone jumps in the car to go and find the fire and you don't even have your hair done like my grandma.
So, we all jumped in the Vega and my grandma raced up and down the roads to find the fire.  We drove and we drove.  If you know anything about Stephens County then you know that you can drive miles and miles and not see anything.  The roads go on forever and only lead to a cattle pasture, an oil well or a cemetery.
We couldn't find the fire so we eventually got back home.  My grandma fixed her hair and we got ready for church.  Another revival, they went on for weeks.  I think it was because the only place that had air conditioning was the church.  So everyone arrived at church sweaty and quickly cooled off. 

It was one of the best days ever.

Happy Grandma's Day.
Territory Mom 

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Oklahoma Granny said...

Here's one for ya. When my grandma's hair turned white (and it was beautiful but she didn't think so) she had equally beautiful red hair. Well, not liking the white and not having much money, she would "color" her hair with red shoe polish. Not quite the beautiful red hair she once had and certainly not as pretty as her white hair (in my opinion) but the kids today would probably be in awe of her red hair "from the bottle".

jen said...

Wait to make me practically cry. =) I'm posting this to my are you there God fan page for gen x. Gotta love a vega.

Territory Mom said...

Thanks Jen, you're a doll.
Oklahome Granny, you made me laugh again, thank you