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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Sonic Stuff on ebay

I don't have time to blog today but since I posted that I would blog about Sonic Drive-In every day this week here's a short post.  This t-shirt is on sale on ebay.  It states that it is vintage but it is retro, big difference.  The car hops wore it last year and I tried to buy one and they wouldn't let me.  Probably cheaper on ebay.  Not the toys from the kids' meals.  Crazy prices for stuff that comes free with the meal.  Hopefully, tomorrow I'll post about my favorite Sonic menu item.  Right now, I have to clean house, mop the floor (which I did yesterday) again, mow the lawn, keep a kid from climbing through an open hole in the fence (he just discovered it), not much cooking today because of a wonderful crock pot.  By the way if you own Sonic stock its up .31 today.  All I want for Christmas is some Sonic stock.
Have a great day.
Territory Mom



RCUBEs said...

Been busy, too but wanna' drop by to say a warm hello and wish you a great rest of the week. There is a Sonic now close to my house but haven't really gone there. Been trying to eat a healthier kind of diet. Their menu does look pretty good! But I love the fact that you can just stay when you order. No rush. God bless.

Traci @ The Bakery said...

I am a total Sonic freak also....I was doing the free shake thing until I got the shake machine and now husband makes them for me every night if I ask...hee hee. I just can't get him to wear the darn skates!!!