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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

We Need An Ice Machine

I took this photo from my bedroom window so the A/C man wouldn't see me and think I was crazy.  I was just so happy to see him.  We have been without A/C this year only because of some broken fan base thing.  It is supposed to be fixed this week.  I'm not going to complain about the heat because during the winter ice storms I swore I would not complain about the summer heat.  We are surviving and have managed to keep our temps down, i.e. squirting each other with the water hose.
Anyway, the summer heat reminds me of my grandma.  When we were kids we would go and stay with my grandparents during the summer.  This was a long drive to Velma, Stephens County, OK (I've blogged about this before).  The more cows and fewer houses we saw on the drive I knew we were getting closer to Velma.  My grandparents lived in the church parsonage next to the church, very cool house.  My grandma had it decorated with lots of orange, she even had a fake fur orange bedspread, it was the mid 70's.
One summer when we arrived all my grandma talked about was the new ice machine in the church.  She would send us down to the church basement with her ice bowl to fetch her some ice.  It was that great chipped ice like at the Sonic (I think I'm going to reference Sonic in all my posts this week).  In the hot afternoons she would sit in her recliner and eat her chipped ice and we would watch Bewitched.  If the preacher (my grandpa) would come in she would change the channel.  Velma can get pretty hot and so we got alot of ice for Ma that summer.  I guess she got it herself when we went home.
I think we might buy some chipped ice from the Sonic today, did you know they sell bags of it?
Stay cool today.
Happy Grandma's Day.
Territory Mom


Nadine Hightower said...

Yes I do!! I have a bag of Sonic ice in my freezer next to the bottle of vodka...just for drinking!!
We didn't have A/C as kids. I don't think it was so hot back then. maybe my imagination. we swam in the horse trough and played all day never giving the heat a second thought.

But now!!!???!!! I melt at 78!!!

Yogi♪♪♪ said...

I'll have to get me some Sonic ice!

I've been to Velma. Lots of oil and gas stuff down that way. Love your story.

Mo said...

I grew up in a home with no AC and my parents house has still not changed yet today. Ohio gets HOT. In fact, I'll be spending the next few days back home in the same HOT house...and with no internet connection. What am I gonna do with myself?! ;0)