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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

I Found Some New Relatives - The Russells

On the RHOK's McLinky Monday Mrs.McGillicutty posed the question "What do you write about?"  Well, she had just  returned form the Blogher conference and this questioned is asked alot at the conference. 
I had started this blog (I have 3) to write about my family history and my love of Oklahoma.  Its nicer to have my family research updates read that way I don't see anyone leave the room.  I also don't have to see that look of boredom.  You know who you are.
I was going to answer the question yesterday since it was Monday, but I had been on Ancestry.com and had just found some new relatives, no time to blog.  This is who I found:

Margaret Russell Barham

She is my 3rd great grandma, Margaret Russell.  She was born on October 1, 1845 in Alabama.  Sing it with me, "Sweet Home Alabama, where the skies are so blue . . ."
Her parents were James Brownlow Russell and Nancy Caroline Hill.  Margaret was one of 17 children.  Her family moved to Izard County, Arkansas in 1850.  She married Andrew Jackson Barham in 1866 and they had 9 children, including my 2nd great grandfather, Thomas Franklin Barham.
Margaret died November 27, 1911 in Appleton, Pope County, Arkansas.  She is buried next to her husband, A.J. "Jack" Barham in the Crossroad Cemetery.
I also found a photo of Margaret's father:

James Brownlow Russell

I found out that he was in the Civil War and it appears from the photo that he was on the Union side.  It looks like he is wearing a Union uniform.  Check out the gun he is holding.  If you were from Arkansas you could join either side.  Margaret's husband was on the Confederate side.
I need to do some more research on this family.  I think I will try and find the military records first.  I'll let you know how it goes.
Have a great day.
Territory Mom