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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Early Fall Break

I'm taking an early Fall break.
  There are some much needed things to do around here.  Our hard working daddy has decided to take off Friday and Monday.  We might possibly go the Tulsa State Fair.
I have 5 bussels of pears to put up.  I thought my canning season was over.
I'll be back on Tuesday, Oct. 5th with a new Okie Trivia Contest.
Also, I'm working on the story, "The Abduction of Maggie Brashear".
So, friends have a great weekend and enjoy this beautiful Oklahoma weather.
Check out TravelOK for events in your area.
Territory Mom



Oklahoma Granny said...

Wow! 5 bushels of pears is a lot. I'm sure you'll really enjoy the fruits of your labor this winter.

Sonja said...

Hi Territory Mom:

I haven't visited for awhile, and now that I'm here... you're gone!! :)

Putting up pears... that sounds like many good winter days will be full of yummy fruit!



Mom Mayhem says: said...

My husband is off today too -But, mostly cause he's getting ready to take a business trip for the next week. And you'll be in my neck of the woods if you go to the fair! -I'm not sure if we're going this year. But, have a fun fall break!