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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

He Was Her "Little Joe"

One day I stopped by my Grandma's house after work for a visit.  We always had good visits just the two of us.  We got to talking about Little Joe Cartwright and how much we loved to watch reruns of Bonanza.  (I actually remember watching Bonanza on primetime)  Like every American girl I had a crush on Little Joe.
Anyway, my Grandma shared with me that her favorite western was Cheyenne and the reason was Clint Walker as Cheyenne Bodie.  He stood 6'6" and was part Cherokee.  Well, he is still because he is still living.  You can check out "The Big Guy" at his official website, here.
I saw this photo of Clint Walker and thought, "Grandma".
No wonder she liked him.

Happy Grandma's Day.
Territory Mom

P.S. I forgot to mention that Cheyenne is on every afternoon after The Virginian on the Encore Western channel


Prairiemaid said...

Last year, for Christmas we ordered some old TV seasons from Amazon. We wanted Maverick, but many of those were destroyed in a fire at Warner Bros.

We did get the first season Cheyenne, all of Wanted Dead or Alive, Rockford, Magnum P.I., and of course the A-Team *I do have a house full of boys!* We have had great fun watching these, especially while we waited for spring to finally come.

One of the boys came by and when he saw the shirtless photo, he said to tell you, that was when he (Cheyenne) was wrestling the Indian. LOL

BTW, Adam was my pick of the Cartwrights, but I was terribly sad when Dan Blocker died. He was such a gentle giant.


Yogi♪♪♪ said...

I don't really consider myself a prude or anything but I'm thinkful that I can watch reruns of Gunsmoke, Cheyenne, etc with my son without him hearing or seeing stuff he shouldn't.

Plus the shows were not bad.

Sylace said...

Wow! Never heard of this, but thanks for the eye candy. I always liked 'em tall. Like Prairiemaid, though, Adam was definitely my pick of the Cartwright brothers. I still loved him as Trapper John, MD, kinda balding and pudgy- no matter- same presence and voice.