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Monday, October 25, 2010

Not The Worst Job Ever But The Toughest and Why I'll Never Be Famous

Hello friends,
Today's McKlinky Monday at The Real Housewives of Oklahoma is about your "worst job".  
I can't really say what was the worst job I've every had.  I've been in the work force for about 30 years so I've had a lot of jobs.  Looking back on my career I did realize I had the worst attitude towards jobs.  I should have embraced every job as a learning experience instead of always thinking of ways to move up. 
 It's not about getting ahead of everyone else.
The last job I had before becoming a stay at home mom was working in the corporate world.  I did everything I was suppose to in order to move up.  What a joke.  I didn't know anything about real life until I came home.  I was just wanted that title and the money that went with it.
Now my title is mama and there is no money that comes with it, just one learning experience after another.  I had no idea how tough it is to be "mama".  I know they are so cute, but there are days where I wish I was back working in that meat market in my hometown, cleaning toilets, stocking groceries and filling pig casing with homemade klobase.  Oh, those where the days.
Okay, the reason I will never be famous at least not a famous blogger.  My blogs get put on the very back burner alot.  I have been trying to get the answers up for the Okie Trivia Contest #3 without success.  A little prince or princess always needs something so it is just easier to shut off the computer and take care of needs.  There won't be any nannies or housekeepers in this house so the blogs will have to be put on the back burner from time to time.  I know you will understand.
Now, this non famous blogger has to go to town.  Our washing machine finally stopped working which means the kids and I have to go to the local hardware store.  I have to wear mascara so I can bat my eyes at the salesman and smile without showing my bad teeth in hopes he will let us put the machine on credit.
Wish me luck.
Have a great day and check out the The Real Housewives of Oklahoma.
Territory Mom

P.S. Check out the trivia contest. 


Mom Mayhem says: said...

Yeah the corporate rat race world -I know I don't always have the best attitude about it all -Some for good reason -maybe some for not. I was glad to get a small promotion -but, never worried much about climbing the ladder - My CSR (last job) I was grandfathered into my schedule and knew it would change if I got promoted again- I was 1 of the few who stuck to it. And yeah Undercover Boss gotta love how they get humbled :)

Kellyology said...

I miss the "corporate rat race" all of the time. I look at my husband who is quite successful at it, and wonder where I would be now if I hadn't chosen to stay home with my babies. But aw well...it's all about choices, right? And most days I believe I've made the right ones.

Real Housewives of Oklahoma said...

Boy, you sure hit the nail on the head. It really is all about our attitude toward a particular job.

And, I definitely can relate with wanting to work outside the home every now and then... just to get away from it all. Being a mom is the HARDEST job ever. Not the worst, just the hardest.

Thanks for playing along this week!
~Mrs. Albright

jennykate77 said...

Stopping back by to leave a comment! I kind of got side-tracked earlier. :)

I like your statement about it being about our attitude toward jobs. That's so true. Every job that I've had, good or bad, has helped make me the person I am today. Even the boss who called me "Hennifer". LOL :)

Hope you have a great week!!♥

Jennifer said...

Hope you were able to work out the washing machine deal.

I love how many people don't consider being a Mom a job.

I have great respect for women who stay at home to raise their kiddos. It is almost as much a dog eat dog world.. or I could say more so then working a 40 hour job outside.

Baloney said...

It is totally in the attitude. I can survive any job - but do I have to? That is the question.
I don't enjoy the rat race one bit. I loved teaching because I could teach without the race to be ahead. We were all paid on number of years we were there instead of how well we did our job. I enjoyed even my hardest days at that job.

Yogi♪♪♪ said...

I tell my wife all the time that her job is a lot harder than mine.

Sylace said...

You nailed it. A million women at least could read this and just nod yes.

Toyin O. said...

The important job you can ever hold and be good at is being a mother; you certainly made the right choice.