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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Remembering Leslie Joy Bond Evans

I wrote about this dear sweet woman in my other blog on Sunday.  Leslie Joy Bond Evans' funeral was yesterday.  She was laid to rest with her dear twin babies.  I don't know this family but I feel close to her because of this blog devoted to her.  This Oklahoma woman loved life and loved the Lord. 
I don't know very much but what I believe as a Christian is that when God calls you home to be with Him he whispers your name to let you know that it is okay to let go and come on home.
What joy is must be to hear the voice of God whisper your name.
This video is of Leslie singing.  You will get lost in her voice.  If you are at work wait until you are home to view her blog and this video because it will make you cry. 
I love you dear friends.
Territory Mom

Also, go here to join "Loving Leslie"
For more photo go to: The RHOK and 5MFM-WW


Prairiemaid said...

How does one explain both joy and sadness, when you experience them in the same breath?

Such a beautiful person and so sad for this little family to loose it's second mama so soon.

Yes, you made me cry. Yes, I am praying for this family. Thank you, for pointing me in their direction.


Real Housewives of Oklahoma said...

That is so incredibly sad.
What a beautiful girl and family.

Deborah Ann said...

She has the voice of an angel. What a beautiful tribute! Tears for sure. And a great big...why? Only God knows...