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Saturday, December 4, 2010

BIG 12 Championship - OU vs. Nebraska - 1st Game Photos

So far we are off to a good start our truck is bigger than their truck!!!

My brother sent these to me at 9:30 am, but since the wind was sweeping down the plains wildly this morning we lost power.  So here we are 3 1/2 hours later the electricity has been restored which means game photos and I have to do laundry. 
Have a great day and more photos to come.
Territory Mom


Oklahoma Granny said...

I'm calling my husband in right now to see the photos. Our oldest grandson and his girlfriend are coming over to watch the game at our house. It might get kinda loud - glad we live in the country.

Yogi♪♪♪ said...

The bigger the truck the better the team.