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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

I'll Hit The Scout

The day after the blizzard we started digging our way out of the snow, well actually just my husband's work truck.  My husband had to get to work.  We couldn't get it out so he threw his tools in our old farm truck and drove it.  Here is a little of our adventure:

Tuesday, Feb 2nd using the winch on the farm truck to get the work truck unstuck:
husband:  get in and steer
me:  okay
husband:  hit the gas
me:  I did
husband:  do it again
me: silence
husband:  are you STEERING?
me: YES
husband: do it again
me: silence
husband:  WHY did you stop?
me:  I thought I was going to hit the Scout (I mean it's priceless)
husband:  Did you HIT the Scout?
me:  (in my head - @#*$&@(^***)
husband:  It's okay, go inside and get warm
me:  I gave him "the look"
husband:  I'm just giving you some experience

30 minutes later

husband:  You did a good job and thank you
me:  One day I guess I'll learn to be a man
husband:  I don't want you to be a man. I want you to be a HAND

Saturday we were able to get the truck half way up the driveway then he got stuck again.  Sunday, a relative helped get it almost to the gate.  Then Monday morning at 5:30 am. I had to get in the farm truck and pull my husband in the work truck.  We made to the gate then it slid off the driveway into the deep snow.  My husband drove the old farm truck to work again, well after he drove me back to the house.  Thankfully, the kids stayed asleep.
Yesterday about 4:45 pm the kids spotted daddy at the gate with our neighbor.  They get the work truck out safely and then leave.  Daddy came home in the farm truck.  The work truck was parked at the neighbor's who lives right on the highway.  It is just easier to park it there and drive to and from it until all this snow is melted, which who knows when that will be since we are supposed to get 12" tonight or whenever.  Also, he tells me what a great job I did and that he didn't know of any other woman who would get out at 5:30 am to help get a truck out of snow.  I answered, "I know, now give me your paycheck".

This is now empty so today I'm restocking it, I'm such a good hand.
Please stay warm and safe.
Have a great day.
Territory Mom

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Oklahoma Granny said...

I'm hoping against hope that the weather guy is wrong this time and we won't see much of the white stuff. Stay safe and stay warm.